Concrete Resurfacing Services

We offer decorative concrete resurfacing solutions for many common applications, including:


Our newest product is our Multi-Color Process Finish, a seamless finish which can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications. Learn more ->


ACID ETCHING is a non hydrochloric salt solution that etches (burns) a virgin concrete surface with various swirls and anomalies of color. We offer eight earth tone color solutions to choose from. Because this process is a chemical reaction the random , fluctuating, variations of color are becoming the trend in not only the commercial industry but residential as well.

See examples – >


Our unique self leveling application is designed to resurface any interior, horizontal concrete substrate. This system can create a smooth finish in virtually any color in the spectrum.


Our textured finishes for interior vertical wall systems are specifically designed to create a realistic look while utilizing an artificial, light weight, fire proof product. Our textured Horizontal Flooring Systems are used to create character along with traction and durability in high traffic areas. This look is unique to the flooring industry. Cultured Concrete can create a stone appearance without the uneven heights and trip hazards commonly found with real stone flooring. Because Cultured Concrete’s flooring applications are only 1/8 of an inch thick they do not require cutting down interior doors.

Our textured finishes for exterior decorative concrete resurfacing will deter slipping and nonskid application adds traction on potentially wet exterior surfaces.


With CULTURED CONCRETE’s design and finishing process, you can choose a custom color and pattern combination that’s unique to you. We can create unlimited color combinations, from single color looks to complex blends, using our unique multi-color process finish.
We also offer an unlimited variety of finished pattern layouts, from the square and rectangle look of traditional brick or tile, to the complex random patterns of cut stone.

Our decorative surfacing process utilizes a unique super-concentrated acrylic bonding agent, custom acrylic cement mix, and a solvent based or epoxy sealant that locks out moisture making finished surfaces non-porous and water resistant.

This combination was designed to work outdoors on walkways, patios, driveways, garages, chimneys, and pool decks, since neither de-icing salt nor cold temperatures affect it.

There are many indoor uses also, since we install CULTURED CONCRETE on both walls and floors. This makes it perfect for kitchens, foyers, basements, bathrooms, indoor pools, vertical columns, walls, or decorative fireplace interiors and exteriors.