Case study: Chimney Repair

After removing approximately 8,000 pounds of real stone from the existing chimney we found it was necessary to rebuild the framing. Next we dried-in, properly flashed, wire-meshed and then brown coated a layer of acrylic cement.

Once this prep work was finished, CULTURED CONCRETE applied a vertical wall system to match the existing stonework.Because these systems are light weight, they will not cause structural damage to the home like the real stone did in this particular case.

Due to our superior sealing process, freezing and thawing will no longer cause a problem. Other chimney problems can include leaking, improper flashing and faulty workmanship. Unfortunately, all of these issues existed on the Sulfe’s chimney causing 22 leaks in their two year old home.

Deterioration of brickwork is a common occurrence especially where freezing and thawing temperatures are present. When your original brick is no longer available for a chimney repair, our custom design team can create many options to resurface your damaged brick. The CULTURED CONCRETE application will not only match your existing brick but will enhance your home’s curb appeal.