Case study: Basement repair

Moisture is one of the biggest problems found in basements. Unfortunately, where moisture is present, mold will often follow. It is difficult to determine where the moisture problems are hidden.

CULTURED CONCRETE has several applications that completely lock out moisture, eliminating any future mold problems. Drywall, paneling, tiling and carpeting do not always prevent moisture problems in basements and can often hide mold problems. Our Cultured Concrete applications are frequently used on new construction but are most commonly used when remodeling.

CULTURED CONCRETE has the ability to abate any mold or mildew. Once the mold or mildew is removed, the prep work begins to create a sound and solid flat surface.

If it is necessary to remove or replace existing block walls, our team has the expertise to accomplish this from the inside of the home in most cases. Depending on the application selected by the customer, the finishing process would begin in order to create the decorative surface.

Because this decorative resurfacing process is completely seal-coated, moisture problems will no longer be an issue at this 100 year old home in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Water damage on basement floors can occur from many different sources. When water damage does occur to basement floors that are painted, tiled or carpeted, it is often necessary to completely remove and replace those floors.

Because CULTURED CONCRETE applications were originally designed for exterior use, they cannot be harmed by problems due to leaky pipes, faulty sump pumps or backed-up sewers.

Due to our superior seal-coating process, CULTURED CONCRETE has the most durable, long lasting applications available today. CULTURED CONCRETE applications are not only pleasing to the eye but comforting to the touch.