Spray Systems

Cultured Concretes Spray Applications are designed to resurface and redecorate large sq. ft. areas for a cost effective solution. This application can give the finished look of dry wall or Dryvit and even plaster finishes. Our product can be installed inside or outside.

Our Cultured Concrete Spray Application can be installed over any sound and solid surface. It eliminates the need to install a pink foam board backing like Dryvit, or wiremesh like stucco. Installing the product this way provides a much stronger wall surface and It also acts as a moisture and vapor barrier. We use an air sprayer tool to apply a random texture. When the spray application flashes we can knock down the texture to achieve an orange peel look.

The cultured concrete material can be applied with a trowel to create a stucco look. We can duplicate any color in the spectrum.

We commonly use the spray application to contrast our light weight stone system. The combination of the two can create a high end look at the fraction of the price of Dryvit and Cultured Stone.