Lightweight Vertical System

Light enough to be installed over existing drywall, watch it applied in a commercial refinish below (video length: 4mins 45sec)

Lightweight Cultured Concrete can be applied to any solid surface

Cultured Concrete applications for a vertical stone alternative is a lightweight cementatious acrylic stone. At approx. 1 to 2 pounds per square foot, this excels where weight specifications are an issue. We can duplicate real stone such as full color castle rock, sandstone, Kentucky blue stone… Or produce a custom color pallet to match your interior or exterior décor.

This product can be applied over any sound and solid surface- even directly over existing drywall. No special footings or structure changes are necessary because this product is so lightweight and durable.

Cultured concrete is applied as one piece. Then the design is hand carved to create grout lines. No more problems with special orders for larger stones or special colors.

We can actually create a custom color just for your project. We can duplicate any design you can imagine, in any color desired. Custom samples made for special requests or needs. We invite you to custom design any look.

This is a designers dream product. Designers and architects can see the incredible potential that this product has in the market place.