Horizontal Flooring System

Video narrated by Ron Bonner of Cultured Concrete (4min 28sec)

Custom colors can be matched to any existing look…

…and cut in any pattern you could possibly think of


Cultured Concrete is a hybrid surface bonding acrylic cement with an array of sealant choices from water base and V.O.C compliant, solvent based or 2 part epoxy applications. Our Cultured Concrete system is a unique application for floor covering and concrete resurfacing that makes all standard coverings obsolete

At a 28 day curing cycle it reaches 7880 PSI.

Cultured Concrete applications are several times stronger and more durable than standard ceramic tile. C.C. surfaces are also a much warmer surface to walk on. After the surface is seal coated, it becomes non-porous, waterproof and stain resistant.

In comparison to ceramic tile or hardwood it is a fraction of the cost and has a efficient low cost installation procedure.

The designs are as limitless as the application possibilities, so in this site, we will open your mind to the most popular new applications for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

The first and most important step is cleaning the existing surface, so a extremely durable chemical bond can be achieved. The most common form of exterior cleaning is power washing. For interior cleaning floor scrubbing machines are used. This will easily remove any foreign material on the installation surface. Acid etching is also used for heavily soiled and oil-stained areas.

After the surface is completely dry and free of moisture, the bonding agent is applied with a roller or air-less sprayer for lager areas.

This product is a super concentrated acrylic resin designed to form a chemical bond to the existing surface. Although the acrylic resin starts out a white milky looking liquid, when applied to concrete it will turn a neon color and then dries clear with a sheen and is tacky to the touch.

At this point any spaulded chipped or uneven areas are addressed. We call this process skim coating. We can skim coat up to one inch in depth to repair damaged or uneven surfaces.

All cracks are ground out 1/4” deep with a angle grinder. All existing old cracks are incorporated into the new stone design.

The old cracks become new grout lines.

The next step is to trowel down the Cultured Concrete base application.

The application process consists of hand troweling down a mixture of super concentrated acrylic resin, Portland sand, and other trade secret materials.

Once the cultured concrete starts to flash, we walk on it in our stocking feet to cut in any pattern you could possibly think of. From squares and rectangles to any custom logo or lettering.

After the material is completely dry, the color process begins. There are limitless options for the color application. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

After the color has dried we shoot down a light seal coat to lock down the color. This will allow easy clean up of the grouting application.

The grout application is applied by hand employing many trade secret techniques. The grout lines can be custom cut to a uniform ¼ inch or a random stone cut that varies from 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches on any side of a stone. This application is designed to create a genuine slate look.

A sealant is finally applied for a satin finish or a glaze for a high gloss look. On an exterior surface we add a product we call nonskid to the final seal coat. Along with the finished texture this will prevent slipping and add traction to your driveway, pool deck, walkway, patio, or porch.

As a final result of these many steps you will find a very durable and decorative surface that is levels above many styles of stamped or colored concrete, stone, or ceramic tile.

For about the same cost as replacing your old concrete, this is a perfect solution for revitalizing old dingy concrete and aesthetically enhancing your property.