Cleaning and care


Cultured Concrete floors are typically colored to hide any dirt that may accumulate on the surface. When it becomes necessary to clean the Cultured Concrete surface, sweeping, in most cases, is sufficient. When a more thorough cleaning is necessary, damp mopping will work, but we recommend using your standard carpet cleaner, such as the Hoover Spin Scrub, that uses clean hot water with each pass.


For spring clean-up on your exterior Cultured Concrete surfaces, use your garden hose with a spray nozzle. For more stubborn areas, such as surfaces beneath trees, power washing may be more effective. In extreme cases when a cleaning solution is necessary, we recommend using a concentrated biodegradable degreasing material called Super-Clean. This purple-colored cleaning material can be found at stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, or Murray’s Auto. It can be applied with a small brush or broom and then hosed off. Because this product is biodegradable it will not harm any plants in the vicinity.


In climates where snow and ice are common winter occurrences, shoveling and salting are necessary. Our recommendation would be to use a plastic edge shovel to remove the snow and then calcium chloride or salt to remove the ice. It is important to remember not to chop at the ice with a metal shovel as this may cause surface damage. Because our Cultured Concrete surfaces are non-porous and water resistant, salt will not damage them.