We are a serious construction company dedicated to a sustainable, creative, learning atmosphere. Positive attitudes are a must. There are many potential customers out there looking for good quality workmanship completed in a professional manor. We have maintained that work ethic for the past 24 years here in Southeast Michigan and it has never let us down.

We are a Design & Build Corporation, meaning we:

* Examine and diagnose structural issues with commercial and residential buildings

* Engineer and design a viable fix that addresses all the customers concerns

* Implement the repairs in the field in a professional, timely, workmanlike manner.

Being able to think on your feet is an important trait in this industry.

We are interested in teaching young men and women how to navigate this industry and prepare them for the workload ahead. There is such a short fall with young people in the trade industry that every company in Michigan is currently suffering a shortage of manpower. The reason is we are now in the technology age. Most young people avoid any labor work. What they do not realize is that hard work is actually very good for their health, both physically and mentally, good for their knowledge, confidence and that everything they will learn will be most helpful when they become homeowners.

In the next 10-15 years finding legitimate, experienced construction workers will be extremely difficult. Which means the experienced people who actually know what they are doing will be able to profit like no others before their time. Good experienced, self-motivated people will be able to make a lot of money, more money than any other construction workers before them.

Advancement and future growth for this company. Key word sustainability.

We’re currently hiring:

Apprentice / General Labor

Stucco/Plaster Troweling Positions

Carpenter’s Helper

Professional Caulker