Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is it?
    Cultured Concrete is a cementitious acrylic base with an epoxy sealant.
  • How long will it last?
    If maintained every four to five years it would last indefinitely. The oldest project in the state of Michigan is sixteen years old and still looks great.
  • Where can I use it?
    Cultured Concrete can be applied to any sound and solid surface.
  • How much does it cost?
    Average pricing is between six and ten dollars per sq. ft.
  • What designs can you simulate?
    Virtually any design you can imagine from the most basic to extreme custom designs can be achieved.
  • Will it crack or come off?
    If the concrete slab cracks, the Cultured Concrete would also crack. This can be repaired by adding a grout line during the reconditioning process.
  • What happens if it gets damaged?
    No matter what happens to the Cultured Concrete surface, it can be repaired during the reconditioning process.
  • What colors does it come in?
    Cultured Concrete colors are virtually endless
  • Is it slippery?
    The texture along with our non-skid application will create a non-slip surface
  • Is it soft?
    Cultured Concrete will reach a compressive strength of 7880 lbs. per sq. inch in a twenty eight day curing time.
  • How long until we can walk on it?
    Pool decks, patios and basements need 24 hours for foot traffic, garages and driveways require four days before for car and truck traffic.