CULTURED CONCRETE is a hand crafted, custom designed and custom colored concrete resurfacing product applied directly to your existing concrete.

CULTURED CONCRETE is a unique and robust alternative to traditional concrete, stamped concrete solutions, and ceramic tile. With over 20 years of industry experience, Ron Bonner Construction offers these solutions to clients who demand the beauty of a custom finish and durability in high traffic environments.


A key advantage of CULTURED CONCRETE is its rugged durability. While lightweight, it can withstand greater pressures than concrete or tile systems. And while those solutions may show wear and cracking after a few years, our surfaces will still look brand new.

Our water based, V.O.C. compliant solvent based or epoxy sealant are the key water resistant components, and our exclusive, non slip finishes make our surfaces great for foot traffic, even when wet.


Although it has the same style and quality, a CULTURED CONCRETE solution costs about half of what a stone or ceramic tile finish would cost.


With CULTURED CONCRETE's design and finishing process, you can choose a custom color and pattern combination that’s unique to you. We can create unlimited color combinations, from single color looks to complex blends, using our unique multi-color process finish.
We also offer an unlimited variety of finished pattern layouts, from the square and rectangle look of traditional brick or tile, to the complex random patterns of cut stone.

Our decorative surfacing process utilizes a unique super-concentrated acrylic bonding agent, custom acrylic cement mix, and a solvent based or epoxy sealant that locks out moisture making finished surfaces non-porous and water resistant.

This combination was designed to work outdoors on walkways, patios, driveways, garages, chimneys, and pool decks, since neither de-icing salt nor cold temperatures affect it.

There are many indoor uses also, since we install CULTURED CONCRETE on both walls and floors. This makes it perfect for kitchens, foyers, basements, bathrooms, indoor pools, vertical columns, walls, or decorative fireplace interiors and exteriors.